Time With My Lord...
Time With My Lord.....

My body may not work so well
But, that I would accept
Although the journey wasn't easy
My heart is now content

For, now I am so grateful
In the place my Lord has set
To be spending time with Him
Can only be life's best

He may have put my life aside
But, in Him I know I'm placed
With time on hand to worship
And gaze upon His face

His grace is where I love to rest
My moments are all His
To be in Him, to be His child
Is forever only bliss

Soft Whispers just for you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2008
Poetry From The Heart

I might almost say every day, that I live,
I seem to see more clearly how all the rest
and gladness and power of our Christian
life hinges on one thing; and that is,
taking God at His word, believing
that He really means exactly what He says,
and accepting the very words
in which He reveals His goodness and grace,
without substituting...[anything!]
~Frances Ridley Havergal~

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