I just had such a pleasant thought,
Why don't you go make your toast
And for a treat
Have a special breakfast here with me.
I have the loveliest of china
And you have the warmest smile
Then what more would we wish
For our morning cup of tea.
You see I've picked the prettiest of flowers
To grace our table setting too,
And God is already here
To share in all the care,
Now all I'm needing here is you.
So how about you pull up a chair
And settle in all cozy,
While I pour out the tea,
What did we say we liked,
Lemon, mint, or as it comes
All is set, your visit here with me.
Now if you click on your message window
There, we're open for some chat,
How's your java steaming hot?
Good now you sip yours
short or long and black.
Shall we fry some golden eggs
with a bacon strip at that,
My what a delicious aroma,
Uhoh, hold on, my toast is burning
But, don't ever go away
Because my dearest friend
I'll always be right back.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
© 2004 used with permission

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