Jesus, you tell me you're the
Light of this world,
but all around me, I see
darkness unfurled...

Satan's used man to
destroy and degrade,
but I know in my heart that
I've been custom-made.

You are my Light
when the darkness descends;
your love is a pure love
that never does end.

Help me, my Lord,
to endure through the fight,
give me the power
to stand up for what's right.

O>ne little candle illuminates much;
One little Christian rekindles by touch.
Let me, my dear Lord,
be the candle you choose

To ignite sleeping christians
so we all can be used
to eradicate darkness, fight against apathy,
speak peace to the war-torn
who need to be set free.

I'm ready, dear Lord,
to reach out and touch
each soul that you tell me
that you love so much.

The Light of the World,
my Savior divine,
you've pierced through my darkness
time after time.

The battle's not over,
but I'll not suffer defeat,
for you, Lord Jesus,
will bring victory sweet.

I'm ready now, Lord,
please use me, I pray
to reach out and touch others
in my own special way.

©2002 Dorothea K. Barwick

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