When I was growing up
I was taught The Golden Rule
We said the Pledge Of Allegiance
Every day in school

We always seemed to get along
Not because of what we did
But because we had our Father
Watching over His kids

Now the courts have spoken
We are wrong in what we do
We can't say we're under God
We might offend a few

Our kids can't pray in school
We can't pray at football games
I don't bow my head in prayer
I hang it down in shame

It hasn't been that long ago
On a bright September morning
When our world turned upside down
It could have been a warning

I thought that day had brought us back
To where our founders trod
We joined our hands and prayed
One Nation Under God

When a nation turns from God
It will surely fall
His love will turn to anger
The Bible tells it all

I am proud to be an American
With God I'll take a stand
We would not be here today
If He weren't holding us in His hands

© 2004 Roy Harris

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