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Father God,
We Come before you and ask that you comfort the Families of these precious Men and Women
who have lost their lives, while Serving their Country on the USS COLE
In Jesus Name,

On Thursday, October 12, 2000, unknown terrorists attacked the USS Cole.
The American Destroyer was docked in the port of Yemen, while refilling fuel.
Seventeen American sons and daughters lost their life on that day.
Our thoughts and prayers are with the families.

These are pictures of the Brave young men and women
that lost their lives during this terrorist attack.

Ronchester Mananga Santiago
Mess Management Specialist Third Class
Kingsville, Texas

Patrick Howard Roy
Fireman Apprentice
Keedysville, Maryland

Ronald Scott Owens
Electronics Warfare Technician Third Class
Vero Beach, Florida

Timothy Lee Gauna
Information Systems Technician Seaman
Rice, Texas

Kenneth Eugene Clodfelter
Hull Maintenance Technician Third Class
Mechanicsville, Virginia

Andrew Triplett
Macon, Mississippi

Lakiba Nicole Palmer
Seaman Recruit
San Diego, California

Cherone Louis Gunn
Signalman Seaman Recruit
Rex, Georgia

James Rodrick McDaniels
Norfolk, Virginia

Richard Costelow
Electronics Technician Chief Petty Officer
Morrisville, Pa.

Timothy Lamont Saunders
Operations Specialist Second Class
Ringgold, Virgina

Marc Ian Nieto
Engineman Second Class
Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin

Craig Bryan Wibberley
Seaman Apprentice
Williamsport, Maryland

Lakeina Monique Francis
Mess Management Specialist Seaman
Woodleaf, North Carolina

Joshua Langdon Parlett
Engineman Fireman
Churchville, Maryland

Kevin Shawn Rux
Electronics Warfare Technician Second Class
Portland, North Dakota

Gary Graham Swenchonis, Jr.
Rockport, Texas


You have no wings of feathers, No halo made of gold
But for you the angels, A great love all behold
"You are the angels of the sea," I heard a sailor say
As he sat so sore and wouded On a sad and honored day
You worked to save your shipmates From death upon the sea
You risked your lives for those you saved And helped to set them free
Though wounded, torn, and battered Your shipmates will survive
And all will surely thank you For keeping them alive
"You are the angels of the sea" I heard a sailor say
As he sat and shed so many tears On that "memorial day"

For you have shown the spirit Of our country brave and true
you placed yourselves "In harm's way" For that is what you do
You worked to save your shipmates, You strived and saved your ship
For your heroic actions "Thanks" fom my humble lips
"You are the angels of the sea" I heard a sailor say
The saviors of your shipmates On that terrible, scary day
For you protect our country And the freedoms we enjoy
And from your homes all over On your missions you deploy
You sail the seas of conflict You sail the seas of peace
And from the wounds that they sustained You gave them rest and ease

"You are the angels of the sea" I heard a sailor say
You saved them from an early death On that October day
Now God will surely bless you As you sail upon the sea
As soon as they recover They'll be back where they should be
Our country is the greatest Our Navy is the best
But I'll not forget all forces Who give us peace and rest
"You are the angels of the sea" I heard a sailor say
And for your deeds we thank you As we pray for you each day
God keep you and protect you We praise you all so much
For the ones you helped to rescue Will never forget your touch

Bless our beloved nation God, keep your eye on all
The sailors and the soldiers Who answer to the call
"You are the angels of the sea"I heard a sailor say
You sent them home to family From that fateful autumn day
"Oh hear us when we cry to Thee, for those in peril on the sea"

used with permission
2000 Jackie McCormick

This poem is dedicated to the men and women of the USS Cole,
who saved their shipmates and their ship after a brutal attack by terrorists on October 12, 2000:

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