For All My Valentine's With Love....

For All My Valentines With Love....

This day is special and I want to share
This heart of mine to let you know I care
First and foremost my heart belongs to Jesus
For He is our Savior the one that freed us

And with the love He filled me with
I'm honored to share in His love gift
A heart that longs to reach out to you
To share in God's love so tried and true

It is He that softened this heart of mine
To share His love with you and all mankind
In hopes to help or encourage a hurting soul
With the word of God to make one whole

When you let Jesus into your heart
He brings divine love forever to impart
He'll fill you with love you've never known
When you welcome Him into your heart's home

A heart filled with a God like "agape" love
Will bring you peace and joy from above
It enables you to forgive and forget
As you walk daily with the Holy Spirit

On this Valentine's day I praise My King
For it was through His love our relationship began
To all my family and friends everywhere
From my heart to yours His love I share

I want to thank-you for sharing your life with me
And those not met in person I hope to in eternity
For each of you are tied to my heartstrings
This bond grows stronger and sweeter daily

Each one individually have your own uniqueness
Sharing your heart and talents full of such sweetness
With each passing day you're more dear to me
Please know this even if you don't hear from me daily

Life gets busy but you're a gift from God
You're so very special and I love you alot!
If I could have one wish it would be
The time each day for all to hear from me

So with this Valentine poem, I do pray
You'll take it for your own from my heart today
I pray for God's blessings on each to overflow
For you've blessed me more than you'll ever know

Pastor Linda Begley © 2011
To God be The Glory

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