Summer On The Verandah

It's summer now, the days are long
As crickets chirp, where we belong
Here perched upon this breezy porch
To warble soft our summer song

It's summer now, let's laze about
And gaze on water's cool
The pool awash with mirror hues
To ripple crystal jewels

It's summer now, the trees of shade
Bear weight of leaf and limb
Of shelter, weeping, rustling hear
The whisper of the wind

It's summer now, come rest with me
Within this shady nook
We'll sip and sigh o'er lemon tea
And dawdle thoughts about a book

It's summer now, and yet as friends
The days are always warm
Walking near, on sunny paths
In joy of heaven's dawn

Soft summer whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2008
Poetry From The Heart

"Come walk with God in morning light
In sky's aglow with mauve of night
Come walk with Him in heaven's dawn
and listen long....for love is born."

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