Life is so creative, of this we are sure
All the ebb and flow, holds much to endure
We never can know, quite what will come
Stemming from the heart, of God's perfect love

As move on we do, each day since our birth
Trusting all He is, the promise of His word
He is the umpire, every moment that is new
The coach we believe, for all that is due

And we watch Him paint, each careful stroke
Every color chosen, all His to know
He is the craftsman, we're safe in His hand
Though many things, we can't understand

He dispels every fear, as we walk in the Light
He sees it all, unfolding our life
So we can relax, for all's in His sight
Safe in His love, we're kept day and night

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2008
Poetry From The Heart

You may rest assured that God will not allow
you to be tried beyond your strength.
It is when we are powerless that God does all,
and thereby manifests His power
and goodness in a striking manner.
John Baptist de La Salle

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