Take a walk with me my friend on this path for awhile...

Walk With Me ...

Take a walk with me my friend
on this path for awhile
I want to show you a garden
that will refresh you with a smile.

I'd love to take a walk with you
This garden I'd love to see
This path we're on is beautiful
Thank you for asking me.

Well, it's just an old dirt path
That I take from time to time
And the garden that I will show
Will grace your heart divine.

I've been on dirt paths before my friend
But this one is quite unique
So much beauty to behold
With mountains and a babbling creek.

There is more beauty I will show
As we venture further along
Choirs of angels from heaven will come
And sing most beautiful songs.

I knew there was something different
I feel it all around
Such peace I've never known before
Serenity here abounds.

Now here we are at the entrance
Amid the forest and deep blue sky
The gate is here but is invisible
God's garden is on the other side.

Such beautiful music caressing my ears
It's coming from inside
Let's venture forth to God's garden please
It's there I want to reside.

This is God's lovely garden my friend
So beautifully and perfectly made
His gift to us to enjoy together
Flowers showing such beauty each day.

This garden takes my breath away
Each flower smells so divine
They look and feel so differently
This garden God did design.

Everyone can view God's garden
If they but open up their hearts
For the flowers are just a reminder
Of His glorious work of art.

Thank you dear friend for all you've done
I had no idea I could do this
By telling me to open my heart
This garden I might have missed.

Our life is like God's garden
There is much beauty for us to see
And His angels are with us all the time
It was the reason I invited you
To walk this path with me!

Written by Steve Politte & Chee Chee Martin © 2008
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