Watch and Pray........

Watch and pray, said our Lord
That into temptation we do not fall
Alert and prayerful may we be then
Eager to answer our Masterís call
For even the most virtuous
Is wretched without Godís grace
Yet with His strength we can endure
With His power we run the race

In our very weaknesses
His strength He does show
When for Him we empty our all
Fullness of Spirit then we know
Sweet it is to know this power
Beautiful to feel God move
Blessed we are to be His temples
Truth of His Word in us does prove

Watch and pray I will then
Each passing day, each moment too
For by keeping wide my eyes
I discern between false and true
And prayer connects me to Him
The Eternal God on High
Communing with Him always
That to my heart He is nigh

Lead me not into temptation, Lord
Prayerful and watchful may I be
Clinging to you, my Master
Of Satanís shackles living free
For faithful You are to lead us
Lord, loving You are to save
Merciful to strengthen us
In Your Name we can be brave

Full of evil is this fallen world
Yet overcome this world did You
Nothing separates us from Your love
When we cling to all that is True
I thank You, dear Lord and Savior
I praise You for holding my hand
Next to me You walk each moment
Leading me to Your Promised Land

Love You more each day I do
To understand You more I want so
That I may love you deeper, Lord
And Your love to all I may show
Watch and pray I will be then
That into temptation I do not fall
Alert and prayerful will I be then
Eager to answer my Masterís call

And sweet it is to know Your power
Beautiful to feel You move in me
Blessed I am to be Your temple
Set apart to live with You for eternity

© Caroline Gavin
Purposeful Pathway

Matthew 26:41
Watch and pray, that ye enter not
into temptation: the spirit indeed is
willing, but the flesh is weak.

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