Waves of Grace........

Flowing to me,
In tides, in waves,
Are gifts of Your graces,
Your mercy that saves,

As ocean waters
Flow to the shore,
So too Your graces
To me ever pour,

As the rivers
Dance toward the sea,
So too Your sweet love
Dances to me..

Yes, currents of joy,
Waves of love,
Streaming to me
From Heaven above.

With a smiling heart
I gratefully embrace
Your sweet currents
Of amazing grace.

Let them, Lord Jesus,
Through me flow,
Yes, let my love
Continually grow,

From my heart
May it forever pour,
O, may my love
Grow more and more.

For Your heavenly love
Wonderfully saves..
So let love flow from me
In heavenly waves!

© Caroline Gavin
Purposeful Pathway

(Luke 1:50 The Message)
"His mercy flows in wave after wave on
those who are in awe before him."

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