Wedding Prayer

Only the work of Our Father can blend two people into one.
Only He can join them into perfect union, and guide,
so that His will shall be done.

Only Our Father can make two hearts trust,
and learn to love and depend upon one another each day.
And this Wedding Prayer brings this hope,
as you travel along Life's way.

He has brought you both together,
to share until death do you part;
May your sharing and your giving,
bring much happiness,
and be extended straight from the heart.

May all your hopes be fulfilled, with all that you imagine,
and your dreams give birth to reality.
And may you envision your lives, together as one,
and may they become all that you expect them to be.

As the showers of each season pour forth,
raining down upon your very souls,
May you take hold of the Master's hand,
and allow Him to lead you,
into all the places He wishes you to go.

Sandra Lewis Pringle ©2007
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