Why Are You Weeping?

The longest nights of weeping,
for the hurt that's in my heart,
When I cry alone in pain,
trapped forever in the dark.
No relief of deepest sorrow,
Oh God, please set me free,
I feel so overwhelmed,
what future is for me.

I am bitter,
I am wounded,
I am angry and attacked,
I am weak for life is cruel,
Can't You turn the clock right back.
back when life was happy,
When the sun shone down on me,
before this fierce storm,
Hit me violently.

O Father, why permit,
such angry whips to lash?
Where were You when they struck
as my heart was deeply gashed?
You could have stopped it Lord,
why allow such awful hurt?
My life would be so good now,
if I wasn't scarred and burnt.

Now I've screamed all this to you,
it hasn't changed a thing,
So for me to live a life again,
some change, I wish You'd bring.
For no matter how hard I try,
to figure out solutions,
I'm at the end of my resources,
nothing alters my conclusions.

Oh Lord,
I come to plead for mercy,
Please empty out my heart,
cleanse and heal, remake it whole,
Give me a brand new start.
I still my crying and my fear,
I admit my ways a flop,
I trust You for deliverance,
Please undo my tangled knot.

Though I can't forgive myself,
I believe You have the power,
I give my bitter soul to You,
I will no longer cower,
My crushed heart I give away,
to do with as You will,
I am an empty vessel Lord,
only You can fill.

Please pour Your healing balm,
deep down into my soul,
Though feeling all discarded,
You alone can make me whole.
Lonely, hurting, grieving, damaged,
God stills the falling rain,
rejected, tempted, attacked or ill,
He heals my heart of pain.
(Lord cause me to smile again)

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
© 2004 used with permission

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