Believe In What God Tells You

There may be times
When you do not know who to listen to-
Believe in what God tells you
If you take a wrong turn, God will help you out
He loves you, no matter how things twist about
Believe in God, He will be there for you
He gave the gift of nature,
To hep us see what's true

Believe in what God wants you to believe
It may take time, but you will see-
Delight in the shining sun,
Or in the rain above
Go to a picnic or maybe take a swim
Take in life, do not let the clouds roll in
Ride a merry-go-round, watch a cartoon
Breathe in the smell of grass
On a beautiful afternoon

On Sunday go to church and say your prayers
Then thank God for always being there-
Believe in what God tells you to
For the beauty of eternal life,
He made it all for you

Linda Ann Henry © 2008
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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