When you have been through hard times
And feel you are in despair
You wonder where Jesus went
And ask. 'What is in a prayer?

Yet, Jesus never leaves us
His love is over every mountain,
every tree.
He holds out His hand in welcome
and calls to you and me.

First we must be able to see,
He sends us little miracles each day
A butterfly or a bird that sings-
If we just walk on by,
Jesus is very sad.

What is in a prayer?
The wonder that The Lord will bring
Jesus gave us all a way
That we can talk to Him-
Then He helps us always
with the smallest thing

So what is a prayer?
To Jesus, it is coming close to him.
It is a sunrise and sunset
It is a miracle-
when new life is born anew,
It is life, like green fields
that we can always view.

Dear Jesus we ask for ouselves
Nothing but Your love.
Let us talk to You, our friend and guide-
For sometimes we forget to pray-
forget to open wide our weeping eyes.

Let us not forget, what is in a prayer
Heavenly Father, take our sin.
Let us wash Your feet and dry them with our hair
Like Mary Magdalene who truly knew-
what is in a prayer...


Linda Ann Henry İOct.2011
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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