Whisperings written by Chee Chee Martin with love...........
Whisperings written by Chee Chee Martin with love..............

Be quiet, be still, and let me hear
The whisperings of my mind
The Lord is trying to tell me things
I need to make some time.

Such wondrous things I am hearing
Of peacefulness, bliss, and love
All of this is waiting for us
In His Kingdom up above.

Eternal happiness and joy
Such love we've never known
No sadness, tears, or grief
We've learned our lessons, our souls have grown.
Loved ones and relative waiting for us
They will greet us at the gate
Forever and an eternity
We'll be with them and our mate.

Jesus will take us by the hand
Down the garden path we'll stroll
So many beautiful things to behold
So many beautiful souls.

We'll meet our Heavenly Father
We'll be told everything there is to know
No more questions, only answers
He tells me this will be so.

© 2006Chee Chee Martin
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul

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