Whispers of the wind.........

Whispers Of The Wind

Can you hear the whispers of the wind
With the soft breeze that it brings
The Spirit of God is moving
Through the winds, His presence is seen

Listen with Spiritual ears
His love surrounds and presence is near
There's a sweet song in the wind
That whispers over and over again

Jesus Christ is Lord
The One we worship and adore
The One that created Natures Songs
He whispers peace all over the Land
Even when things seem to go wrong

God whispers to us, if we hear
In spirit and in truth
Our answers will appear

Open your ears little one
He whispers with softness
His Spirit is moving
Curtailing our storms

© Janet Ford

John 4:24(KJV)
God is a Spirit:
and they that worship him
must worship him in spirit
and in truth.

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