~I Will Remember You~

 When days are dark and dreary
I will be here to pray for you
Or when sunshine is breaking through
I'll still pray for all you do

 When deep trouble comes your way
And stalks you day and night
I won't forget, I'm with you yet
To pray all though your plight

 When sorrows come to pierce your heart
Or joys explode beyond belief
I will remain to bless your soul
And pray for all you need

 When confusion comes with questions deep
And you cannot find your way
I'll be your friend to always care
By remembering to pray

Soft Whispers for you today from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2008
Poetry From The Heart

However many years we live,
we never do outgrow
A need for friends to light
the way each one of us must go.
No one knows all the answers,
or where the pathway leads,
But faithful friends have always been...
what everybody needs.
Grace E. Easley

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