Winter Chill........

When morning frost glistens,
When the winter chill begins to bite,
When the world darkens
In the shortening of sunlight,

I remember You are here,
You are ever close to me;
You are here, my Lord Jesus,
All the closer You are to me.

For when I need warmth,
You are closer to me still;
When I shiver in the cold,
Your warmth my heart does fill.

What have I to worry
When You hold my hand?
Even in wintry winds
You lead to the Promised Land.

You point to barren trees,
To the frost-covered earth;
You remind that through death
We find spiritual rebirth.

Surely in the spring
Flowers will blossom and bloom;
Surely You arose,
Leaving behind an empty tomb.

As the last Autumn leaves
Fall to the ground,
All the more Your grace
Does grow and abound.

And as frost glistens,
As the winter chill does bite,
A once gray world looks brilliant
In Your glorious light.

Caroline Gavin ŠNov 2012
Purposeful Pathway


Job 37:10
The breath of God
produces ice,
and the broad waters
become frozen.

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