My CHRISTmas Wish

I am just a little girl but I wish today
That boys and girls everywhere could have a place to play
I wish that they could go to church and see a Christmas play
About the baby Jesus who was born on Christmas day.

If they went to see the play, this is what they'd see
The little baby Jesus in the manger, oh, so sweet
They would see His mother looking at a distant star
That guided the wisemen to the manger from afar.

They would see the animals standing all around
And they would see the worshipers, kneeling on the ground,
That brought the baby Jesus gifts of frankincense, gold and myrrh
Yes, all the boys and girls would learn of baby Jesus birth.

I have another wish today, for peace in all the lands
That all the wars and bitterness would come to an end
There would be no homeless to sleep out in the streets
That they would have a place to live and plenty food to eat.

I wish for peace and happiness for everyone on Earth
That everyday would be like the baby Jesus birth
Joyful and triumphant with homes that's filled with Love
And we could honor Christ the King who's watching us with Love.

© 2005
Jene Lind

May Love, Joy, Peace and goodwill be your gift at
and may God shower you with blessings
all the New Year through!

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