Walking with God among the trees
With the whispering of the leaves,
I know that I have often heard
His voice in the singing of a bird.

No matter where I walk with Him
In early twilight warm and dim,
His tender love is always there
In sweet clover-scented air.
I walk with Him each night
Underneath stars so bright.
I hear His footsteps as we go
Along beside me here below

God is near and always found
In the beautiful things all around.
In the clouds, the moon or a star
He is very close, never too far.
Walking with God I have no fear,
I know that He is always near.
I walk in faith, trusting His love,
Knowing God is up above.

Glenna M. Baugh © 2004
Living by Faith

May you always walk in the sunshine
of God's great love."
Quote by: ~Glenna~

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