My Daughter Walks with Jesus

The doctorís voice was heavy
His words chilled to the bone
Your little girl wonít last the day
Tonight, youíll be alone.
I hurried to her bedside
Her body pale and weak
She told me that she loved me
I kissed her tiny cheek.

My child was quickly fading
I held her trembling hand
She said, you mustnít cry for me
Someday youíll understand.
Today, I dreamt of angels
Who carried me away
To the holy land of Jesus
God talked to me today."

I held her, oh, so gently
She slowly passed away
My tears continued falling
On her gown that dreadful day.
For years, I nursed my anger
Consumed by endless grief
I even hoped that I might die
To bring about relief.

In a lonely cemetery
By her grave, one wintry day
I was sadly placing flowers
And felt the urge to pray.
As I knelt beside her gravesite
I felt a breath of spring
The sky lit up with angels
What comfort it did bring.

A voice broke through the silence
It brought about release
My little daughter spoke to me
My soul was filled with peace.
Her words were sweet as honey
She said, I didnít die
For now, I live with Jesus
So, Mommy please donít cry.

My daughter dwells in heaven
Of that, I can be sure
For today she walks with Jesus
Heís taking care of her.
©2004 Marilyn Ferguson

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