Jesus is With me

Jesus is with me, whether I know it or not
He is next to me, holding me, when I forgot
That his loving care will see me through
That happiness can be mine, and a life brand new...
I listen for him, but do not hear
And I even sometimes shed a tear
Praying that he has a magic wand
To make my pain and sorrow be gone
But he doesn't work that way, Jesus knows
That we must have faith, and as that faith grows
He will see that we have given him all our troubles
And he will burst them all just like bubbles
But for this to happen, we must believe
OUR Dear JESUS Hides nothing up his sleeve
So my DEAR JESUS I give to you
All my problems, to help me through

The hard times, the sad times when I can't seem to let go
I will let you take care of it JESUS, cause' I trust you so.

Cathy (COOKIE) Carlett © 2005

I would rather walk with GOD in the dark, than go alone in the light....My Jesus, I Love Thee........

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Jesus is With me