You Are Here With Me

I look out to the ocean
So big and so wide
It makes me stronger
Knowing in my heart
You are at my side

I see the sunset
So beautiful to see
It is now a new day
I feel you with me

I look at the bright stars in the night
God made all of these
It makes my heart sing
When you are at my side, with me

I can climb a mountain
The clouds in the sky, are so blue
It is like a miracle
My being here with you

I see the waves come in from the sea
Life is forever, the soul takes flight
You are in the flowers and the trees
Everywhere I look, you will always be here with me.

© 2005Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet

Life is forever in the flowers and the trees.
You are with me always,
in my heart, you are with me.

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