Fellowship with the Father.......

Fellowship with the Father.....

Fellowship with the Father
Wondrous and divine
Communion with the Creator
Yours and mine

Friendship with the Eternal
Sublime and sweet
Connection with Christ
Overjoyed to meet

Conversations with God
Powerful and of the heart
Dancing with the Divine
O, how great Thou art

Could all this be real?
Can these things be true?
Could God live in me,
My spirit to renew?

Yes, more real than life
More true than all I see
Is my connection with Christ
My friendship with Divinity

Inspiring awe and wonder
Comfort and joy embrace
For my Best Friend is the King
Through His mercy and grace

He walks with me each day
Yea, each moment by my side
He lives in my joyful heart
While in His heart I abide

So delightful is this fellowship
Lonely will I never be
The Creator loves me so
And Everything is He

Rejoice, my heart, in this truth
Sing praise to God on High
My Beloved is with me always
To His heart He keeps me nigh

I can sing then in adversity
I can thank God amidst trial
For He is with me in all things
His arm around me all the while

Deserving of this friendship
Never I am on my own
It is the blood of the Lamb
My sins which do atone

Pure, white and radiant
My Father sees these in me
Cleansed by Christís blood
From sin He has set me free

An eternal crown waits for me
Heavenly treasures in store
So I sing of the joy of Jesus
Each passing day all the more

Brother and sister, let us sing
Let us rejoice in the Great I AM
Let us proclaim His wonders to all
Let us sing of the Precious Lamb

How amazing it is to know Him
How wondrous to feel Him near
How sweet to hold His hand
How beautiful His voice to hear

Eternally we shall live with Him
The New Jerusalem does await
My heart cannot contain its joy
My lips from sharing His story great

Yes, more real than life itself
More true than all we see
Is our connection with Christ
Our friendship with Divinity

He walks with us each day
Yea, each moment by our side
He lives in our joyful hearts
While in His heart we abide

Fellowship with the Father
So wondrous and divine
Communion with the Creator
Yes, yours and mine


© Caroline Gavin

"Truer than life, truer than all I see,
is my connection with Christ,
my friendship with Divinity.
'Reflection by Caroline'

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