Image © Kendrick Shackleford
Wondrous Wedding........

A wondrous Wedding
We do eagerly await
Christ marrying His Church
In the Marriage great

For the Church is His Body
And the Church is His Bride
The Church is His Beloved
To remain forever at His side

Two shall become One
As with woman and man
The mystery of marriage
Designed in Godís plan

Let us dress ourselves white
In purity, humility and love
Let us cloak ourselves radiantly
Awaiting the Son Spouse above

For the marriage we see
Between wife and husband
Foreshadows that to come
In the sweet Promised Land

What a tremendous truth
What a beautiful vision
Let us rejoice all the more
In our Lordís sacred Mission

For we are His Beloved
His Chosen Wife are we
Let us lift our hearts to God
Let us sing joyously

For the Wedding is near
We will see Him eye to eye
We will then be perfected
Our bodies He will glorify

The corruption of the flesh
Replaced by eternal glory
Living forever with our Lord
Yes, this is our Wedding story

Praise God, my heart
Sing of Christ, my voice
I am my Lordís beloved
Of this I do rejoice

Until that Wedding Day
I abide in my Savior sweet
Faithful to Him since the day
He and I did meet

And a wondrous Wedding
I do so eagerly await
Christ marrying His Church
In the Marriage great


© Caroline Gavin

And God placed all things under his feet
and appointed him to be head over everything
for the church, which is his body,
the fullness of him who fills
everything in every way.
Ephesians 1:22-23

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