Our Wonderful Relationship

Our Wonderful RelationshipOur Wonderful Relationship

Our Wonderful Relationship

I love the way you joke and tease
making me feel warm and fuzzy,
building up my self esteem, keeps
my mind from becoming muzzy.

Your continued confessed love
leaves me in a state of bliss,
often creating feelings of passion
as I long for your loving kiss.
We've been here for each other
through the years since we met,
giving and sharing from our heart
making memories we'll never forget.

What the future holds we do not know
we live each day the best we are able,
thanking God for each blessing
and the food placed upon our table.
As we look forward toward the future
and think back to our amazing past,
we continue onward always together
believing our precious relationship will last.

Norma Duncan
~aka~ Mistymaiden © 1-25-08
Starlight Cafe

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