Vacation Time In The Woods

Could you picture yourselves enjoying your Vacation, in this beautiful log cabin in this valley? Your wood is all cut and the fireplace is burning... You feel blessed as you look around and see the beauty of the flowers, the forrest, the golden rays of sunshine and the small river with fish jumping above the water... Just imagine taking a relaxing boat ride down this river, then going back to a warm log cabin with the fire place to enjoy. The next day, having a great breakfast in the cabin... ham, eggs, bisquits, gravy, home fried potatoes with a big glass of orange juice or milk and a good cup of coffee.

Then having a stroll in the woods, just enjoying GOD'S beautiful creation. The different colours in the woods and the birds singing and the squirrels scampering up the trees as they see you coming their way.

In the distance you see a Mother deer with her baby fawn... Oh how beautiful they are... But then they spot you and they run off! Then you hear birds chirping and as you look up in the tree you see a beautiful blue jay feeding its baby birds in the nest she made for them with a Mother's love. Then as you begin walking back to your cozy little cabin, you spot two chipmonks gathering nuts to take to their home in a hole in a tree... Then you think how adorable the chipmonks were.

As you're getting nearer to the cabin you stop and reflect on your stroll and all the creations of GOD that you had the pleasure to see and enjoy. Then you thank GOD for this beautiful and relaxing day. It was getting late and was time to cook supper. You planed on having a relaxing supper on the picnic table on the porch. At supper time you prayed and thanked GOD for the food and asked HIM to bless the food and your family and friends back home. You also thank God for such a beautiful day you both had. While eating on the picnic table you spot two rabbits running in front of your cabin... A beautiful white rabbit and a brown rabbit. They stopped for a brief moment and they ran off into the woods.

Then you look up in the sky and you both spot this majestic beautiful bold eagle flying high above... With his awesome wing spand, he looked contented as he flew in our Lord's beautiful blue sky. Time went by so quickly and your Vacation was nearly over. You were planning on going home right after your meal, but after reflecting on the beauty of GOD'S wonderful creation while feeling contented and blessed, you decided to stay another week.

Getting back to GOD'S creation...

It is a wonderful blessing from our Heavenly Father!

But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew [their] strength;
they shall mount up with wings as eagles;
they shall run, and not be weary;
[and] they shall walk, and not faint.
Isa 40:31

written by Sis. Dorothy

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original composition
courtesy of
Margi Harrell