Cutest You (Wink)

Hopping all about this morning
I saw cuteness smiling in everything
And I said thankyou Lord
For all the fun He brings.

Like I was in the bathroom
Glancing at the floor,
A cute puppy was in the tile pattern
Amazing, I hadn't seen it there before.

A friend and I got into sending
The cutest little bugs,
Such a lovely way of sharing
The warmest fuzzy hugs.

My pets playing on the floor
Sure give my heart the sweetest glow,
With all their exuberant love
What an abundant show.

I went out to smell my roses
Oh, Tiffany, she is the best,
Her fragrance always touches me
And puts my soul at rest.

The sky so blue with fluffy clouds
Tadpoles growing froggy legs,
Birds swooping in delight
Nasturtiums overflow the flowerbed.

But at the end of a lovely day,
Still the sweetest gift from God above
The one who hits the perfect spot,
Is you my special caring friend
The cutest of the lot.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
© 2004 used with permission
Poetry from the Heart

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