I'll Cry With You

I know someone who has lost his child.
Jesus please put Your sacred heart in his
He cries every night and I promised to cry with him
Dear Jesus, give him of Your grace
I once was abandoned and lost in my soul
Then I knew The Holy Spirit, He will never let me go.

For you are a great man
You are not afraid to cry
I can see your suffering
I see it in Jesus' eyes.

I cry with you in your hour of need
Your daughter may have died long ago
Yet in Jesus' love, she still breathes.

I will stand with you at the golden cross
We will pray to Jesus for your needs
Heaven is the perfect place for her to be
I will hope you can believe.

Your tears are like a Heavenly choir
Your heart is loving and kind
I do not expect you to forget her
Mary also knows what is in your mind.

Did she not lose her Son for a time
She too suffered, in so many ways
I cry with you forever
You shall stay in my heart and soul,
Remember I am with you
The days will never grow cold.

Linda Ann Henry © 2005
Do you remember me
The people's poet

Written for Adam who lost his 26 year old daughter..........A Special heartfelt thanks to Linda Ann and Derry ~aka~heartwhispers, who helped with this page...you both are thoughtful and have loving, caring hearts...God bless you!

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