You Lift Me Up, Lord.....

Though alone I may feel
When I cry,
When none is there
My tears to dry,

When quavers my soul
With trials upon me,
When weary my heart,
Weak my knee...

I see You, Lord,
Reach out Your hand,
Whispering gently
Of all You’ve planned,

Showing me tenderly
A horizon so bright,
Rich with blessings,
Radiant with light.

My tears You dry,
My soul You restore,
With grace so powerful,
Love so pure,

"Never alone,
My child, are you,
Remember I am here
In all you do."

As You say this
I cling to Your hand,
Smiling to embrace
All You have planned,

Embracing Your love
Abounding to me,
Delighting in beauty
Around I see.

Yes, You lift me from depths
To heights so high..
Jesus, You are sunshine
Of my every sky!

Caroline Gavin ©Nov. 2014
Purposeful Pathway

Psalm 71:20)
"Though you have made me see troubles,
many and bitter, you will restore my
life again; from the depths of the earth
you will again bring me up."

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