Give Me Your Love, Dear Jesus....


Give Me Your Love, Dear Jesus....

Dear Jesus, I need your love today
Help show me the way
I was told You are always there,
Please take my heart
And grant me all Your care.

You will always hear my call
As You want me to be whole,
I pray from You all the love I need
This is my humble plea.

I feel You in my soul
As You carry me in Your Hands,
Your love will never fail
Help me to understand.

I am tired of my tears
Dear Jesus, please give me love,
I need the help of angels
Your spirit is my shining sun.

If I say "The Lord's Prayer"
Will You bless my name again,
Give me Your peace, Dear Jesus
I feel Your warmth within.

Jesus, I know You take my sin
Smile with me, so I will feel Your love,
I do not want to wait
Until I am in Heaven above.

Take away this hurt I feel
Do not let it become worse,
Give me love, Dear Jesus
Something of real worth.

I know You listen,
When none can hear my call
I can feel Your love,
It is what I want most of all.

Linda Ann Henry © 2008
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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The tube that represents Jesus is from My Misted World
The rest is email shares..If you know who has © to them I will give credit.

Beautiful set by Melva ~aka~ Silver

"God hear my prayer"
Composed and sequenced
by Jalal Ali
© 2004JMC