We Cry Abba Father written by Linda Begley with love..........
We Cry Abba Father......

Dear Almighty Father in heaven
I pray for wisdom, knowledge and understanding
Lord, the world is in such a turmoil
Men and Women battle on foreign soil

Meanwhile, here at home amidst it all
There are deceivers causing many to fall
Movies and the media having an agenda
To brainwash and plant corruptible seed in your children
A small minority is robbing our nation
Of public prayers and biblical foundation
Our forefathers teachings were built on this
A country ran without God will end in crisis

Heavenly Father, hear our cry and prayer
Pour out your spirit to make the heathen aware
You are the creator of ALL mankind
Renew them Lord in both spirit and mind
There's so much pain that need not be
If they'd only repent and turn to thee
You are the author and the finisher...
The beginning and the end...
My prayer is for loss souls to be born again

The prophecies are quickly being fulfilled
Will you tarry Lord if it be your will
For many are lost in this world still
Following a deceiver that is out to kill
Father God Almighty and Good
May all give You glory as we should
We cry Abba Father let your people see
That only in You will there be true victory.

© 2006 Linda Begley

James 5:19. Brethren,if any of you do
err from the truth, and one convert him;
20.Let him know,that he which converteth the sinner from
the error of his way,shall save a soul from death,
and shall hide a multitude of sins.

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