Isaiah 54:13,14

Hello LORD....
This is a praying Mama calling on you today
Lord...I'm burdened for my children
I exalt thee for your presence when I pray

I've always talked of you throughout their life
Yet I know of times that I'd fallen in strife
Lord, I praise you for now I have wisdom
From praising and reading your word consistant

Before I close my eyes and when I awake from sleep
I pray for their protection and spiritual needs
My children are grown and know I love you Lord
I cling to your promise... You shall make them whole

Bringing them back through my fervent prayer
Please deliver them from the strongholds
For they know the enemy is lingering out there
Pour out your love and mercy and keep them in your care

I've died out and hate the sins of the world
It grieves my spirit to see sin or see or hear a cuss word
You're my Lord and my Saviour, I exalt thee
Thank-you sweet Jesus for the love given unto me

Father God, deliver my children from sin
From the pain and strife that dwells within
Burden their heart to bring their children up to serve you
To God be the Glory for bringing them through

May all Mothers have a burden for their children
In Jesus Name...Amen

© 7-19-05Linda Begley

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