Born To Save The World

It's been many years ago but the story is the same
A precious babe was born and Jesus was his name
His story has been told throughout all history
Yet some fail to believe and this remains a mystery

Oh precious lamb of God born only to be scorn
Your love goes beyond any love this world has known
Many hearts are rejoicing every single day
For we have been adopted into your family!

A royal bloodline doesn't have to be the riches of the world
True joy and contentment comes with serving you Lord
Give us all a servants heart that can be a reflection of you
Let the testimony we give be a shining light clean through

I know that you are happy and sitting up in heaven
Watching over all of your precious little children
Let us all remember to celebrate you with praise
For you are the reason we are saved by grace

A true gift doesn't have to cost any money at all
It can come from sharing your time or a phone call
Happy Birthday Jesus the greatest gift you shared
Help us all be more aware to show how much we care

As the years go by, so many run to and fro
I know my heart is weary for many doesn't show
The reason for the season is for all hearts to know
A Savior was born to save the world and to make us whole.

© Dec. 2006 Linda Begley

Let all those that seek thee rejoice
and be glad in thee:let such that love thy salvation
say continually,The LORD be magnified.
Psalms 40:16

May Love, Joy, Peace and goodwill be your gift at
and may God shower you with blessings
all the New Year through!

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