One Cold Winter Day.................

As I gazed out my window
The snow tumbled down
A blanket of winter
Had covered the ground
Jack Frost was out painting
Scenes for his season's spell
And he'd painted a picture
On the old wishing well

As I stared at the artwork
I could feel my eyes tear
For on the crystal clear ice
I saw a figure appear
Two arms were outstretched
On the frozen display
A message to warm me
On one cold winter day

As I called to the children
To share this great joy
I watched wonderment visit
Each small girl and boy
We knew that the sunshine
Would soon melt it away
We were gifted with glory
On one cold winter day

As I turn back the pages
Of each winter I see
Loving scenes of a family
Which included me
The kids are all grown now
They've all moved away
But we're blessed by the beauty
Of one cold winter day

Doris Jacobs-Covington
© January 19, 2008

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