Father GOD...Are You Crying?

 Father GOD...Are You Crying?

The weather forecast is... lots of rain,
For God's tears must be raining down from heaven.
He sees the torture and all the killings.
Children abused... innocents; evildoers are stealing
Sons and Daughters shipped home in caskets.
We read in the bible to love our neighbor,
Have all His words been forgotten?
Thou shalt not kill... is the sixth commandment.
How does all this continue to happen?
Where are the mentors for our youth to look up to?
Especially... when it is grown adults,
They are getting illegal drugs through!
Father God, in heaven above...
Our world needs a major overhaul;
It needs a huge helping of abundant love.
God bless all our soldiers both women and men,
Who aren't forced; yet by their choice...
fight for our freedom.
Comfort their families when they're at a loss,
Comfort their hearts when one of theirs pays the cost.
I pray that soon you will no longer feel the need to cry,
Yet... You'll continue to keep your promise;
By painting after the rain, beautiful rainbows in the sky.
Praise You My Lord, God Bless Us One And All!

© 11-20-03 Linda Begley
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~Father GOD... Are You Crying? was written by Linda Begley~... Please take a minute to send Linda an e-mail to express your thoughts and heartfelt thanks.......

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