Please Don't Weep For Me

Please, please, don't weep for me
For I am happy as I can be
I'm now walking on streets of gold
I have a new body that won't grow old

Jesus was waiting with arms open wide
Loved ones that had gone before by his side
Talk about a family reunion none like before
To be in the presence of Jesus and family galore

Please, please don't weep for me
For I am happy as I can be
Oh my goodness there's the tree of life!
Would you believe it bears fruit of twelve kinds

I'm so peaceful cause the joy is abound
There's choirs of angels singing all around
No more pain and no more sorrow
Not only this day but all my tomorrows

Please, please don't weep for me
For I'm finally where I've longed to be
Among other Saints with Jesus face I now see
Family galore to embrace and fellowship with me

It's one thing to praise and worship on earth
Oh what a hallelujah time here you've not heard
Oh my goodness there isn't words to declare
The awesome praise and worship compared to there

So, please, please don't weep for me
I'm here with my Lord and other family
The beauty so purified with no chemicals here
I'll now be your angel to guard you from fear

Now you know my leaving wasn't to make you cry
My purpose was finished if anyone ask why?
Celebrate my departure to my heavenly home
Continue God's purpose and know you're never alone

Linda Begley © 2007
Poetic Mama

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