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It Is GOD In Us

Reasons why You Are Blessed

Don't Quit

A Heavy Heart

Christian encouragement eCards
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The Glory Of God

God Is The Author

Early Morning Blessings

One of Us

You Amaze Always

Winds of Change

The Light

Praising My Lord

Rejoice In The Day

Heavenly Heartwarming

Forever Unchanging

More Than Words Can Say

The Precious Name

Lord, I am Your Instrument

Yesterday and Today

Song and Celebration

Bottom of My Heart

Hymn of Praise

Wisdom of the Winds

Casting All Our Care On Him

'Tis Finished

Do You See What I See?

O LORD, I Praise You

(Butterfly, Butterfly)

**Blissfully Beautiful

**Beauty of Your Grace

**Love Ever True

**Lavish with Love

**Clothed with Joy

**Smile of the Sky

**Lord, we come to You

**Joy in All I See

**Every Step, Every Mile

**I am Yours, You are mine

**Sunlight Streams

**I'm trusting You, Lord

**His Voice

**The Anchor Holds

**More of You

**Then I Met The Master

**Leavin' On My Mind

**It's Beginning To Rain

**Anchored In Jesus

**Father, Son, Spirit

**Love Your Neighbor

**A Hundred Years

**Basking in Your Brilliance

**Everlasting Arms

**Good Work

**Mercies Each Morning

**To Do Your Will

**Because You Love Me

**Never a Moment

**Lord of My Life

**Live in the Now

**Living Water

**Little Children

**Live Abundantly

**True Treasure

**There's A Happy Land

**Abba Father

**At All Times in All Things

**Never Alone

**Be Still

**Heaven on the Horizon

**Ask, Seek, Knock

**Everything about You

**Resting in Your Arms, Jesus

**God is Love

**Reflect His Light

**The Holy Alphabet

**Next to You

**This Song Divine

**Power in Weakness

**The Little Things

**Heart in Heaven

**My Purposeful Pathway

**Blissful is the Beauty

**Rainbow Path

**More Than You Know

**Head at Your Heart

**Treasures You Find

**Prayer for Oklahoma

**Rooted in Jesus

**In Giving You Receive

**Sow in Love

**He Took my Place

**Savor every Step

**Praise Jesus

**Turn to Jesus

**Heavenís Gate

**No Turning back

**Embrace of Sonshine

**Sing of Jesus

**Trust in Jesus

**Jesusí Whispers

**I Love You, Lord


**Kissed by Heaven

**Forever Treasure

**Live to Love Jesus

**Cleanse my Heart

**Jesus My Pillow

**Prince of Peace

**Soaring in Spirit

**Immeasurable Mercy

**Renewed by You

**Quiet Time

**Wonderfully Mine

**Come What May

A Glimpse of You

Gifts You Give

**Take My Hand, Lord

**Music of my Heart

**Who is Jesus?

**Prayer for Boston

**Fixed on Eternity

**With Me Every Step

**All For Good

**Smile amidst Trial

**More Like You, Lord

**Eternal Love

**I Offer All to You

**You are with Me

**Fearfully and Wonderfully

**Your Sonshine

**Love so Vast

**Treasures Divine

**Hope for Every Care

**Day by Day


**Beautiful Blessings

**Your Voice

**Faithfully Follow

**Love I have for You, Lord


**Love for Eternity

**As I Pray

**The Day The LORD Has Made

**Closer to You, Lord Jesus

Blessings Of God

Godís Love

**Forever Rejoice

**Lamb of God

**Jesus, Your Love

**Smile in Sonshine

In My Heart

**Song of Joy

God' Glory

Signs of Spring

Glorifying God

**How God Wants Us To Live

What Pleases God

*John 14: 1-11

The Transfiguration

*John 14: 1-11

**Lamb of God

Read the
Bible in (1) Year

**Jesus, Your Love

**Sparrowís Song

**Smile in Sonshine

In My Heart

Godís Graces

Journey with Jesus

**Blessed Lent

**Lord, How Can It Be

**Horizon Bright

**Sweet Grace

**Guide me

**In all God's Glory

**Dance with Joy

**Crown You Infinitely

**Lord Fill My Heart

**Beautiful Saviour


**Morning Glory

**Do Not Be Troubled

**Sacred Heart

**Come Follow Me

**Tapestry of Nature

**Warmth of Winter

**All Things

**Giver of Good Things

**Let Us Praise Him

**Forever Joyful

*Joy of Joys

*Summer in my Soul

*Sweet Comfort

*Closer to You, Lord

*John 14: 1-11

*Wisdom of Winter

*Love All-Consuming

*Jesus, I Trust In You


*Rays of Hope


*Lord, How I Love You

*Glory to God

*Praise His Name

*Precious You Are

*Christ Lives in Me II

*Silence of the Morn

*All For Good

*Grace Abounds

*More Like You

*More Than Life

*Path of Life

**Winter Graces


*Newtown, Connecticut Tragedy- Poetic Prayer

*Newtown, Connecticut-All Children go to Jesus

*Newtown, Connecticut-The Child in your Hand

*Giving Thanks

*All You Do

*Divine Mercy

*Jesus is Love

*You Will Save

*To You I Draw Nigh


*All Of The World

*Your Will Be Done

*The Harvest

*Come, Lord Jesus

*Time Waits For No Man

*No Matter What

*Flame of Love

*Child Of God

*I Loved You From The Start

*One Name

*Your Presence

*You Are With Me

*No Eye Has Seen

*Safe In the Storm

*All You Are

*Silent and Still

*How much do I love you?

*Peace, Sweet Peace

*My heart is Your dwelling

*My Refuge And Fortress

*Who Am I

*I am with you, child

*Cast your Cares

*Sing To God

*Jesus Christ

*Jesus loves me II

*Rejoice II

*Lamb of God

*Morning Breeze

*Gentle Rain

*Bloom In Christ

*God will make a way

*Draw near to God

*God's Presence

*Living Sacrifice

*Dancing Leaves

*Morning Sunrise

*Kingdom of Heaven

*Sing praises

*Breath of Life

*The LORD is my strength

*When I See a Cross

*Free gift of God

*Victory in Jesus

*Jesus, King Of Kings

*A new Heart, A new Spirit

*In All Things

*Agape Love

*Jesus is the Answer

*If I were The Devil

*Symphony Of Son-Light

*Take up your Cross

*Burst into Song

*God Is Love

*Rejoice In Rebirth

*Precious Peace

*The LORD Will Provide

*My Gifts to You

*I offer myself to You

*All Things You Make New

*Goodness and Mercy

*Better than Life

*All Things For Good

*Shine Like A Star

*Filled With The LORD'S Glory

*Everywhere: You Are There

*Joy In your presence

*Your Unfailing Love

*My peace I give to you

*Make music in your heart

*Your Masterpiece

*Pure in Heart

*Eyes of Faith

*Immeasurably more

*The Home Beyond The Sun

*Christ Lives In Me

*Do not be anxious, My child

*The Lord is my Rock

*Nothing can separate us

*Step Into The Stream

*He Loved us First

*The Truth Will Set You Free

*My Word Shall Not Return Void

*I Am The way

*Be Still

*Taste and See

*My Hand in Yours

*I Stand In Awe

*Take my hand


*Humbled (before the LORD)

*Plans I have for You

*Always Here

*A single seed

*On My Knees

*Celebrate Jesus

*All for You

*Sweet Jesus



*God is Love

*Jesus Saves

*God is Good (All the Time)

*Jesus Holds the Key

*I'll Be Back

*You Raise Me Up

*Book of Life

*Amazing Grace

*Jesus Is Lord

*Praise The Lord

*Jesus My Day Spring

*Thy Word is a Lamp

*A Rainbow From Heaven

*In God's Perfect Time

*The Lighthouse

*Lord, I need You

*They'll never take my Jesus

*Praise His Name

*Bread Of Life

*Treasures in Heaven

*Power in Prayer

*My Heart beats for You Lord

*The Bird's Song


*Lord, I Came To Talk

*We Need Jesus

*Glory, Glory, Glory

*The World in His Hand

*Jesus Loves Me

*Golden Stairway

*Jesus is the Lighthouse

*Praise The Lord

*Footprints In The Sand

The Son's Soft Whisper

When We Grieve

Triumph In The Trial

Your Love For Me

*I Don't need to understand

*Wasted Years

*One More Valley

*He washed my eyes with tears

Summer Son~shine

To greet My Savior sweet

The Beauty of You

Here I am, Lord

*Draw Me Close to You

*ONE Pair of Hands

*Oh Gentle Shepherd

*You Raise me Up

*Just the Mention of Your Name

*Look For Me

*Joy Comes In The Morning

*Sheltered In The Arms Of God

*The Nightwatch

*I SEEK You Lord

*We shall see Jesus

*He was there all the time

*Jesus now more than ever

*Jesus use Me

*The Love Of God

*Only Jesus

Praise HIS name

I Can Only Imagine

Jesus,You're All I Need

HE can turn the tides I

HE can turn the tides II

They'll Never Take My Jesus

You Are my all in all

The Ten Commandments

Look To Him

I'd rather have Jesus

He Is MY Everything

In The Garden I

He could have called 10000 angels

Just A Closer Walk With Thee

Foot Prints In The Sand

Fragrance of Love

Letter from Heaven

The beautiful garden of prayer I

The beautiful garden of prayer II

Garden of Prayer

SOME-body Bigger than you and I

Picture of Grace

The Whispering Breeze

God Shall Supply All Your Needs

I Am The Light Of The world

Broken Chain

My King

Evening prayers

The gates of gold

Sweet Jesus, Prays For Us

A Mother's Prayer

Where we'll Never grow Old

Change my heart oh God

Jesus Is The Only Way

God's Invisible Hands

Jesus Saved Me

A blessing in my life

When I Am Afraid, I Call Jesus' name

Breath Of Heaven

Still Waters

Lonely Days And Nights

The Longing

There Is Nothing God Cannot Do

God's Garden Is Beautiful

Angelversary Day

My Heart Song

My Daughter Lives In Paradise

In Your Tears

On My Father's Side

The Empty Chair

Please Don't Weep For Me

Let me go

Blessed Rest

As I Am

Sorry For Your Sad News

Through The Storms Of Life

Wings Of Peace

Praying For Your Departure

Praying For Your Return

Praying For You Over There

On My Way Home

Storm On The Horizon

The Unsung Songs

The Good Shepherd

Old Rugged Cross

I Dreamed A Dream

Awaken By The Holy Spirit

Only Clay

Be Of Good Cheer

The Beauty God Sends

The Word Of God

On A Hill Far Away

The City Beyond The Gates

Jesus Lives In My Heart

Beehive Lives

Walking With Jesus

Let The Light Of Jesus Beam

Precious Memories Linger

All It Takes Is a Smile

~ God Will~

~ Life is a Balancing Act~

~ God's Creation~

~Dear God, Thank You~

~If That Isn't Love~

Time With My Lord

Jesus Is Our Miracle Maker

Evening Prayer

A Heavy Heart

After The Storm

It Is GOD In Us

Where Flowers Bloom So Does Hope

Song Birds

He Is The Light

Jesus Will Protect Me

Heavenly Garden

My Journal

~ Christmas grief Widows~
Oh Christmas Grief

~ Christmas grief Widowers~
Oh Christmas Grief

~ Christmas~
Merry Christmas My Love

~Some Day~

The Light Of Jesus Never Grows Dim

Did I Ever Thank You

~This Is My Task~

~Never Worry~

God's Blessings Are Free


~Words From My Heart~

~How I Need You Lord~

A Smile

Special Angel

For You May See Angels

This Too Shall Pass

~The Day Jesus Carried Me~

I Believe

Build A Road

The Ten Commandments

Stop! Says The Controller

Comes A Hand

By The Well

Summertime Friend

We Needn't Fear Alzheimer's


Forever Fotball

Jesus Is Our Miracle Maker

My Son Is In Paradise

Portals Of Heaven

Loneliness Is A Feeling

Special Angel

The Path Of Peaceful Prayer

God's Garden Is Beautiful

My Son in paradise

My Daughter Lives In Paradise

Of Eternal Love

My heart song

Sorry for your sad news

Blessed rest

I will remember you

Heavenly Garden

Beautiful garden of prayer

Beautiful garden of prayer II

Let Me Go

Please Don't Weep For Me

The Empty Chair


If My Child Lived In Heaven

We Won't Be Lonesome

My defense is God

Wrapped in Love

God's Handiwork

God is The key

The Golden Sun

Forever Football

Where Heaven And Earth Meet

When God Shuts The Door

The Lighthouse

God's umbrella of Love

You Are Never Alone

A New Day Has Begun

He'll Do It Again

Time is Passing

Jesus Loves Us So

A Palm Tree Christian

Bend In The Road

Knowing Him

The Window Of Hope

I Choose Life

Rose Petal Jam

Keep Smiling,Keep Shining

A Childs Prayer

Rainbow Water

A Lesson from my Little Clock

Set Free

River of Life

God Is Always God

Be Still My Soul

This Too

For Glenna-True Undying Love

For Glenna-Love Never Dies

For Glenna-God's Eternal Love

Water Lily

Going Into Hospital

Thank you For Interceding

To Pray For Someone


Go To God In Prayer

Jesus Light My Way

Christ's Love is the key

Our Shepherd

Sweet The Rain

When You Believe

Lead me sweet Jesus

For Aging
You're Still A Princess

The Golden Sun

The Comforter Is There

You Came To Me

Stars We Cannot Count

A Confusing Path

What Is In A Prayer

Love In My Heart

Our Messiah

The Lighthouse


Following The Light

Gift Of Prayer

The Gift Of Hope

Comfort In Jesus

Between the Stones

Love Remembers

Remember Me from Jesus

Jesus- Rest In Me

In The Valley

Light of the LORD

Comfort of Christ

Tales of the sea

Written for husbands- With Her In Forever Love

Written for wives- Locked in Forever Love

The Names of the LORD

Wherever You Go, Lord

Watch and Pray

Born Again


Symphony: The Life Song

My Lord, My Shepherd

Ask, Seek and Knock

Joy of Jesus


By Faith Alone

Knowing GOD

Priceless and Precious Love

Power of Prayer

The Lordís Love

Each Day


Divine Intersection:The Cross

Faith II

Vine of Love Divine

Citizen of Heaven

Shelf Life

When Prompted

It Is I

SON Light

The Living Waterfall

The Honor of Humility

Begin where you are

The Lordís Vineyard

Glimpses of Heaven


Love from Above

Psalm 91

Throne Of Grace II

Throne Of Grace

Worthy of Worship

Fellowship with the Father

Victory of Surrender

Song of Celebration

Lenten Journey

Garden Of The Heart

Lead Me, Lord

Lifetime Believer

No Bars Hold

There Is A Key


A Tunnel Is A Tunnel

If I Am Hushed

Learning From Leaning Flowers

Freely Given from Our Father

The Spirit of Love



Rainbows Break Through

As My Treasure

Sorrow's Gift

Thank you

It is No Secret

We Thank Thee

I'd rather have Jesus

Fruit of the Spirit

Of GODís Glory Sing!

Sweet Morning Dew

Rainbow of Radiant Promise

The Narrow Path

My Song, My Song

The Mind of the Heart

Hold Me

Bread Of Life

Wondrous Wedding

Treasured Tapestry

Never walk alone

SON Rise

A Rose In Bloom

Ever More

The hand of God

The hand of Jesus

Picture of Grace

Without You Lord

Love Of My Heart(Jesus)

You'll never walk Alone

How Great Thou Art

Somebody Bigger Than you And I

Amazing Grace

Morning Musings

All to You I Offer

Power of Pain

In You, Lord Jesus

More than I long for

Dawning Light of Jesus

Radiant Joy

Trust in You, LORD

Divine Design

Rose in Bloom

The Morning Star

All My Heart to Jesus

*Amazing Love

*The Nightwatch

Since I Met you

Glory to God

My Jesus

Thank you Jesus

Far...Yet Near To Me

Purposeful Pathway

The Sun Still Shines

Forever yours

The Lord's Comfort

Grace Upon Grace

Stairway to Heaven

Nature's Symphony

Almost Persuaded

Like a Child

*Newtown, Connecticut-The Child in your Hand


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