Katrina,Chaos and Killing

For days I prayed for you to go back to sea
Many tears I have shed for the
devastation of our country
Time is passing and their anger grows
Due to neglect of our people as a whole
America ...the most giving land of all
Has death from the delay of humanity call
People are starving, thirsty and
some being raped and abused
Riots breaking out, our nation is confused
Where is OUR government and their compassion
In our land of the red, white,and blue
How is all this happening?
Many lives were taken at the beginning
Daily the death toll rises without ending
The hurricane in itself caused much devastation
Then to add to the already bad situation
Looting, shooting and inhumane frustration
Along with water moccasins, snakes, dead bodies
Fire ants, pollution, mosquitoes and debri
How many more lives will be loss or taken
Before these human beings are brought to safety
Father God in heaven above
Please hear their cry for salvation
Know that we as a people didn't
remove you from our nation
Your laws are written upon our hearts
Yet our lands have turned to ruin
For Our God they chose to remove
From schools and government and
sadly some homes
Then the lawmakers wonder what's going wrong?
Hear our plea for your return
Return us to "One Nation Under God"
I pray for Hope to be restored to Katrina's
victims and the lost, dear Lord.

Lovingly In Christ
© 9-2-05 Linda Begley
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