.God's Precious Word written by Linda Begley with love......
God's Precious Word........

In the mystery of the bible
Parables are written by the disciples
It's for us to read and meditate on
From the beginning His word to be known

Please don't turn a blind eye to this
For it could hurt the very heart of Jesus
His love is shown throughout His creation
The bible is written for a stronger foundation

Why should any of our hearts be troubled
When in His word the answers are uncovered
If we seek Him with all our heart
He renews our minds and his word will not depart
So as we awake to each new day
His love will grow as we read and pray
For it is His desire that we love like Him
Perfecting this commandment covers our sin

For it is written in His word
With all your heart love the Lord
Also to love your neighbor as yourself
For above all He wishes for us to prosper
and be in good health

This world would be like heaven on earth
If all mankind would read God's word
It truly helps your spiritman to grow
A real treasure upon us he has bestowed
Many say they read and don't understand
For this you need to pray for knowledge and wisdom
It is written My people perish for lack of knowledge
Also it is written You have not cause you ask not

Pray for wisdom for she is so precious
In her you'll learn to walk close with Jesus
Oh what a joy it is to read His word
Meditate on this for Jesus' voice to be heard

© 08-30-06 Linda Begley

May God bless us one and all and ...
May we hear his voice and beckon to his call
~Quote from Linda~

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