Winter Is A Showcase

In Winter the world's a showcase
For ice and fallen snow,
Folks venture forth from home and hearth
Covered from head down to each toe.
In every yard there seems to be
A snowman with a carrot nose,
A hunk of coal for each eye-
Yet soon he'll melt, that's how it goes!

A frozen pond for skating,
A slope of snow for skiers, too,
Sledding for the children
To chase away Winter blues.
The creatures of the woodland
Decide to hibernate
'Cause Nature has a certain way
Of making critters wait.

Footprints dot the snow-filled valley
And deer leap from tree to tree,
They nibble on the branches
And nestle in fallen leaves.
For Winter is a showcase
And I pray for all mankind to see
These beautiful collections
Designed by God for you and me.

author- Linda C. Grazulis

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