Smiling Snowflakes.....


Snowflakes falling,
Brilliant and bright,
Clothing the earth
In radiant white,

Dancing blithely
In cold winter air,
Each with a song
To happily share,

Gliding gracefully,
Landing on the ground,
Such that white blankets
Everywhere abound...

And in the snowflakes,
As they fall ‘round me,
I see a promise of life,
A kiss of eternity.

For Jesus, my Jesus,
Speaks to me in the snow,
Whispering of wonders
I have yet to know:

In the cold of life
There is beauty too,
All things in due time
God does renew.

Yes, this season of snow
Will give way to spring;
In the winters of life
We find sweet blessing.

So let us remember
As snowflakes are falling
That our Lord Jesus
Is still to us calling.

His graces to us
Everywhere abound,
No less now than when
Salvation we found.

His love with us
Forever He does share,
Sweet is His love,
Rich beyond compare.

Yes, in snowflakes falling,
Brilliant and bright,
We feel the love of Jesus,
We see His eternal light!

© Caroline Gavin
Purposeful Pathway

Matthew 28:3
"His countenance was like lightning,
and his raiment white as snow."

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