Heavenly Father up above
We need you to intervene
With your divine love!

A celebration for London
Lasted only for one day...
For In a blink of an eye
The terrorist again came...
Leaving a country once again to mourn
For many were injured and lives are gone
Does anyone realize...
Ultimately in the end, God's Will shall be done

Dear Lord... When will it ever end?
Will we ever see peace reign?
Are we burying American soldiers in vain?
We're all brothers and sisters
Created by you... The Almighty
No matter what race or nationality

Will the terrorist ever turn
to the true living God
Or will they continue to blasphemy?
Remaining evildoers and turning
Our blue skies to gray
Let us pray more fervently
For lost souls of all nationality

God bless London...
Comfort all their families
For their win and Victory
Was turned into a Tragedy
Lord, help us one and all... Amen

© 7-08-05 Linda Begley
Linda's Site

May God bless London and comfort the families who have lost their loved ones.. We pray for peace on earth in Jesus name, amen.... ~ From Victory To Tragedy was written by Linda Begley~... Please take a minute to send Linda an e-mail, to express your heartfelt thanks.......

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