I give you visions as you sleep
For your soul on earth to keep
Soon the day shall be done
When you enter into heaven

Do not toil or waste anytime
For I am your Lord and Savior divine
Continue to pray both day and night
Rebuking the enemy from your sight
This indeed I shall delight

Call on my children everywhere
Let them know daily I truly care
Do not toil, the days draw nigh
When you shall see me in the sky

In the beginning, I created earth
Do you not know the extent of your worth?
Thou shalt rise above all nations
Hearken unto them salvation.

© 7-30-05 Linda Begley
Linda's Site

This Poem was given to my spirit
as I was awaken Sat. morning at 8:00am on 7-30-05
Thank-you Lord, for your given word.

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