Happy Valentine's Day Dear One .......
Happy Valentine's Day Dear One

Although my heart is filled everyday of the year
To have friends and family that I hold so dear
I want to take this time just to let you know
You hold a special place in my heart that grows

You're my email buddy,confidant and friend
My days turned much brighter when
The day my very heart you entered in
Sharing and caring a laugh and grin

There may be days that pass us by
That schedules don't allow us to write
But our bond is strong like super glue
I feel a void when I don't hear from you

You are the sunshine in my day
You are an intercessor for to pray
You are the stars in the nights sky
You are a gentle breeze that passes by

You're all of God's beauty wrapped into
A beautiful package that I call "YOU"
Never doubt even if time passes by
That you're not in my thoughts all the while

I love you my friend and Jesus does too
So I'm also His pencil to convey to you
You are so special, we both want to say
That we hope you have a most glorious day!

Sincerely Your Friend and God's Poet

Lovingly;Pastor Linda Begley
© 2-1-08
To God Be The Glory

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