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It's Snowing

Beautiful snowflakes are drifting down
Covering everything in a blanket of white
Each flake is different in size and shape
Creating a beautiful sight.

Birds are huddled in the pines
Animals have taken cover for the day
When the snow starts to abate
That's when they'll come out to play.

Children will don on caps and gloves
And shriek as they run through the snow
Throwing snowballs and jumping on sleds
As the wind begins to blow.

Doing pirouettes gracefully on the ice
Skating all around the rink
Sipping hot chocolate or hot cider
Spotting your boyfriend and giving a wink.

If you don't know what snow is about
Come up North, we have plenty to share
You'll need some winter clothes my friend
Something warm you will have to wear.

So come on up, we'll build a snowman
A winter wonderland of white you'll find
We'll go on a sleigh ride and have some fun
Leave the sun and beach behind.

© 2007 Chee Chee Martin
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul

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