As we awoke to a frigid sunrise at dawn
Oh, what a beautiful sight to look upon
A blanket of snow covering the ground
And the beauty of winter all around.

White snow covers the leafless trees
Branches whipping in a freezing breeze
We miss all the hummingbirds now
And we have taken all their feeders down.

All the green bushes are covered with white
Glistening in the frigid sunlight bright..
Outside our house is covered with snow
Inside by our fireplace we feel the warm glow.

Dear Lord, we thank you for this frigid sunrise
We know that it comes from you above
It is not something we could ever devise
Lord, we realize you are showing us your love.

Glenna M. Baugh 2006
Living by Faith

"Just look around to see
all the beauty God has created."
~Quote by Glenna~

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