After The Storm....

After The Storm....

When things seem dark and stormy
And I wonder whate'er is next
I remember there's you
Where my heart can be at rest

When news is full of uncertainty
And sadness seems everywhere
I know there's still you, my friend
Who will always care

When the weather's turning bad
And I'm caught fast in life's snow
I can remember my dear friend
As the warmest one to know

A friend that is forever
And the love you have to share
Brings sunshine to a day
Just knowing you are there

And the gifts God sends as ours
Bring such joy to give away
So after the very darkest storms
We can shine His love again

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2008
Poetry From The Heart

In perplexities - when we cannot tell what to do,
when we cannot understand what is going on around us,
we can be calmed and steadied
and made patient, by the thought
that what is hidden from us, is not
hidden from Him.
~Frances Ridley Havergal~

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