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Gospel Music

You'll Never Walk Alone

How Great Thou Art

Psalm 23

Jesus Calms The Sea

The Old rugged cross

HE can turn the tides....

The Healer


Deck Of Cards

THE Healer II

You'll never walk Alone

*Thank you

*Look To Him

Your Great Name

*The Lighthouse I

*They'll never take my Jesus I

*Praise His Name I

*PRAISE His name II

*LORD, I need You

*HE can turn the tides II..

*How Great Thou Art

**GOD Will

*Somebody Bigger Than you And I

*Somebody Bigger than you and I-II

*ONE Pair of Hands

Psalm 91


ON MY Father's Side

Amazing Grace

****I am the God that healeth thee

******Heal me O Lord And I will be healed

*******Jesus, You are my Healer

**Give thanks with a grateful heart

*****Be Magnified

**I Will Sing

**God Is Good All The Time

***With a thankful heart

**May the Lord bless you -

****Creator King

****We Give You Glory

**God will make a way


**Hiding Place

**Be Lifted Up

**10,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord)

**Our Father

***Be Glorified

***Thank You Lord

***River of Love

***Hallelujah To the Lamb

***Lord You Are Good

**Lead Me Through The Night

***God never sleeps

***Lord I offer You my life

***Sacrifice of Praise

***Jesus, we enthrone You

***I Want to Know You More

***Jesus I want to be where You are

**God is the strength

***Great Things

***Two Hands, One Heart

***Be It Unto Me

**Here We Are

**More Of You
**You Said

***Lord Have Mercy

***Painter Of The Sky

***We’ve come to bless Your Name

***There is none like You

*****Rise And Be Healed

**Psalm 23

**Deeper in love with Jesus

**At The Foot Of The Cross

** I'll say yes, Lord

**When it's all been said and done

**Be Still My Soul

**All To You Lord-

*Look For Me

**I'm trusting You, Lord

*We shall see Jesus

*Then I Met The Master

*Leavin' On My Mind

*Sheltered In The Arms Of God

*Joy Comes In The Morning

*Just the Mention of Your Name

*I Don't need to understand

*Jesus use Me

*Wasted Years

*One More Valley

*Draw Me Close to You

*He washed my eyes with tears

*He was there all the time

*Jesus now more than ever

*The Love Of God

*Had It Not Been

***His Voice

**The Anchor Holds

**It's Beginning To Rain

**More of You

*Only Jesus

VIDEO-How Great thou Art


VIDEO-Healing Rain

VIDEO-I Give you my Heart

**VIDEO-Bless the LORD


VIDEO-You are My all in all

VIDEO-LORD I offer my life you

VIDEO-You'll never walk alone

VIDEO-All of me

VIDEO-Fill Me Up

VIDEO-From the Inside Out

VIDEO-Breath of Heaven

VIDEO-Psalm 91

VIDEO-Psalm 91- II

VIDEO-Beneath The Waters

VIDEO-Sinking Deep

VIDEO-May the Good Lord Bless

VIDEO-God will make a way

VIDEO-Spirit Break Out

VIDEO-Set A Fire

VIDEO-The Prayer


VIDEO-God of Wonders

VIDEO-I Can Only Imagine

VIDEO-Here I am to Worship

VIDEO-How Great Is Our God

VIDEO-Hands of The Healer

VIDEO-I am the God that Healeth

VIDEO-May the Good Lord

VIDEO-Power Of your Love

VIDEO-Beyond the Sunset

VIDEO-I Surrender

VIDEO-Because He Lives

VIDEO-In The Garden

VIDEO-The Old Rugged Cross

VIDEO-All to Jesus

VIDEO-Amazing Grace

VIDEO-You are My All in All

VIDEO-I Give Myself Away

VIDEO-God Will Make A Way

VIDEO-Offer My Life To You

VIDEO-He Touched Me

VIDEO-Because HE Lives II

VIDEO-'Tis So Sweet To Trust In JESUS

VIDEO-You Are My Hiding Place

VIDEO-Lead Me Lord

VIDEO-Lift Up Your Hands

VIDEO-As The Deer

VIDEO-Shine JESUS' Shine

VIDEO-There is none like You

VIDEO-This is my desire

VIDEO-Letting Go to know the truth

VIDEO-We are the reason

VIDEO-My Hiding Place

VIDEO-I Am Not Alone

VIDEO-Whom Shall I Fear

VIDEO-Here I am to Worship

VIDEO-This I Believe

VIDEO-I Surrender

VIDEO-I can only Imagine

VIDEO-Amazing Grace

VIDEO-With All I Am

VIDEO-Above All

VIDEO-Glorious Day


VIDEO-Out Of The Dark

VIDEO-How Great Is Our God

VIDEO-Open the Eyes of My Heart

VIDEO-The Word Of God Speak

VIDEO-In Christ Alone

VIDEO-Lord I Lift Your Name On High

VIDEO-How Great Thou Art

VIDEO-Our God is an Awesome God

VIDEO-Let it Rain


VIDEO-My Heart's Desire

VIDEO-The more I seek you

VIDEO-Healing is in your hand

VIDEO-One Pair of Hands

VIDEO-Grace Flows Down

VIDEO-This I Believe

VIDEO-He can turn the tides

VIDEO-He's All I Need

VIDEO-Jesus, Rock Of Ages

VIDEO-Waiting Here For You

VIDEO-Let It Be Jesus

VIDEO-Christ is enough

VIDEO-Jesus at the Center

VIDEO-One Thing Remains


VIDEO-My Jesus I love Thee

VIDEO-In Jesus' Name

VIDEO-God Is Here

VIDEO-The Hurt & The Healer

VIDEO-Jesus You Are My Healer

VIDEO-You are God

VIDEO-Bring The Rain

VIDEO-Thank You

VIDEO-Your Love Never Fails

VIDEO-MIghty to Save

VIDEO-The Great I Am

VIDEO-One Thing Remains

VIDEO-Draw me close to you

VIDEO-Psalm 91:1

VIDEO-Jesus is the Healer

VIDEO-I Cannot Hide From You

VIDEO-Whom Shall I Fear

VIDEO-I Am Not Alone

VIDEO-Days of Elijah

VIDEO-All Things Are Possible

VIDEO-Your Great Name

VIDEO-Prayer For A Friend

VIDEO-Be Thou My Vision

VIDEO-As The Deer Pants


VIDEO-Trading My Sorrow

VIDEO-You Are Holy

VIDEO-Because of Jesus Love

VIDEO-Still My God

VIDEO-Revelation Song

VIDEO-The more I seek you

VIDEO-Came to My Rescue

VIDEO-Bless The Broken Road

VIDEO-Before The Throne Of God

VIDEO-I Breathe You In, God


VIDEO-Faithful One

VIDEO-Even When it Hurts

VIDEO-In moments like these

VIDEO-You are My Hiding Place

VIDEO-Break Every Chain


VIDEO-The Stand

VIDEO-Voice of Truth

VIDEO-Listen To Our Hearts

VIDEO-Jesus, Friend of Sinners


VIDEO-All My Praise



VIDEO-Bind Us Together

VIDEO-Seek Ye first

*Musical Video
Your Great Name

*Musical Video
Your Great Name II

*Musical Video
Shout To The Lord

*Musical Video
I'm not Alone

*Musical Video
In Christ Alone

*Musical Video
Breathe On Me

*Musical Video
Lord I Need You

*Musical Video
Come to the Well

*Musical Video
You Raise me Up

*Musical Video
Ave Maria

*Musical Video
You'll Never Walk Alone

*Musical Video
How Great Thou Art

*Musical Video
Lord, I give You my heart

*Musical Video

*Musical Video
Lord I Need You

Draw me close to you

God Will Make a Way

I Give You My Heart

I Can Only Imagine

In Christ Alone

Our God is Greater

Take My Hand, Precious Lord

Oh Gentle Shepherd

You are My All in All

Praise His name

One Day At A Time

Where we'll never grow old

All for Love

Voice Of Truth

Glorious Day

From the Inside Out

How Great Thou Art

I Thank God

I Love The Lord

Jesus Loves Me


When You Believe

A Note to God

No More Night

The Prayer

Amazing Grace

Just As I Am

Over The Rainbow

O Holy Night

You Raise Me Up

Ave Maria

Wonderful World

Here I am to Worship

All to Jesus I Surrender

Because He lives

Power of Your Love

Offer my life to You

Old Rugged Cross

Above all

El Shaddai

My Jesus my Saviour

Mighty To Save

We Fall Down


Lord I Need You


God of this City

Take My Life

*Musical Video
Who Am I

*Musical Video
How Great Is Our God

*Musical Video
We are the world

How Great Thou Art

This is my desire

Amazing Love

Everlasting God

Your Grace Is Enough

*I Believe

*I'll Be Back

Jesus,You're beautiful

Mama's Bible

YOU Are my all in all

I Am

He Is MY Everything

Just A Closer Walk With Thee

In The Garden I

In THe GArden II

His Strength is perfect

He's Always There

He's Concerned

It Wasn't Easy

Enchanted Prayer

They'll Never Take My Jesus II

God in My Heart

What a Friend we have in Jesus

Talk to The Father

I Am Not Finished

With Him

God's Creation

Jesus Is Alive in My Heart

In my heart I hold you

Whisper Jesus

Morning Has Broken

Only Clay

Psalm 23

The Lord's Prayer

Old Rugged Cross


Over The Horizon

I STand

He's Alive

My Mamma's Prayer

You'll Never Walk Alone

Peace In The Valley

A Healing Touch

Candle In The Dark

Crying In The Chapel

He could have called 10000 angels

Precious Lord

Through The Storm

Somebody Bigger Than You And I- II

I Believe

Wedding Music

Rivers Of Joy

When He Was On The Cross

The Lighthouse

Learning To Lean

I Believe

The Lighthouse II

Because He Lives

Because He Lives II

Beulah Land

The Champion Of Love

Didn't Throw The Clay Away

After The Blood

In The Garden

All Power Is The Lord's

One Day At A Time

Thanks To Calvary

I Love Him

A Brand New Touch

His Eye Is on the Sparrow

Change My Heart O' God

May The Good Lord
Bless And Keep You

Why Me Lord

Precious Lord

How Great Thou Art

Hello God

We Are The Church

The Healer

Lord, You Did It Again

The Victory

Easter Sunday service

Come To Me

The Beggars Prayer

The Blind Man

There Is A River

*I SEEK You Lord

Oriental praise

GOD In My Heart

Easter Story

Just A Closer Walk With Thee

Wedding At Cana

Jesus The Rock

The Man Who Walks On Water

You'll Never Walk Alone


Heaven will be beautiful

Twinkle Of Twilight III

Where Is Jesus

A Distant Star

Lord Forgive Me

Enchanted Prayer

~The Lighthouse~

~Reach Out To Jesus~

~The Family Picture~

Heavenly Pageant

One Day At A Time

My Saviour Lives in Me

Sweetest One I Know

His Eye is on the Sparrow

Stand by Me

Stand by Me II

Foot Prints In The Sand

A True Lighthouse Card


Who Am I God

I Hear A Voice Calling Me

Walking On The Water

Jesus Take The Wheel

~Help Me~

~You Raise Me Up~

Portals Of Heaven

~His Hand In Mine~

~If That Isn't Love~

~Dear God, Thank You~

~Jesus Will Outshine Them All~

Change my heart oh God

The Gates of Gold

My King

The Master Painter

Something To Him

Grace Fell On Me

The Footsteps Which Lead To Jesus

Plan Of Salvation

In The Garden

The Ten Commandments

Lord, I Need Your Touch

Heavenly Father

On Golden Streets

Lord I Will believe

Immaculate Healer

I Wish It Would Rain

I'd rather have Jesus II

It is No Secret

He Paid the Debt

I'd rather have Jesus

We CALL On Him

I Can Only Imagine

What A Wonderful Savior


***The Nightwatch

*Oh Gentle Shepherd

*Amazing Love

Jesus, What a beautiful Name

There's a man in Here

Lifetime Believer

He Touched Me

Heaven Bound

**God's Not Dead

We Thank Thee


**He paid the debt

Can I Light A Candle

I SAW a Vision

*You Raise me Up

Jesus,You're All I Need

Romantic music written and sung by Gary Matthews and Ray Pfob

Bells Are Ringing

Big Brass Bed

All I know of love

Once Upon A Dream

Before The Night Is Over

God Bless Our Love

Gary's Island

Cherry Blossom Lanes

Blue Hawaii


Hello Dolly

Blue Hawaii
No Java

Sea Of Love

I'll Change

Gary's Island
No Java

Contemporary & Country Music

My Way

Stand by Me

Stand by Me II

What A Wonderful World

Long Black Train

Long Black Train II

Guardian Angel

I Know Who Holds Tomorrow

Welcome To My World

All Around You


Angel From Above

My Unborn Child

CHRISTmas & New Year

VIDEO-O Holy Night

VIDEO-O Holy Night II

VIDEO-O Holy Night III

VIDEO-O Holy Night IV

O Holy Night V

VIDEO-The First Noel

VIDEO-Feliz Navidad

VIDEO-Tribute for our Troops

VIDEO-Do You Hear What I Hear

Happy Birthday Jesus

Christ back into Christmas

VIDEO-Look a lot like Christmas


Silent Night


A Snowy Christmas Night

Silver Bells

White Christmas

~ If Every Day Was Like CHRISTmas


~ Thinking Of Me

Do You Hear What I Hear


Waltz Across CHRISTmas

Silent Night

Hark The Herald Angels sing

I want a hippopotamus for CHRISTmas

CHRISTmas Girl

Auld Lang Syne II

Auld Lang Syne

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